I am a parent of an addict. I have 2  children – a son and a daughter. Both grew up in the most loving home, lots of friends, did great in sports , and both graduated high school. Things began to change for my son Kristian around Sophomore year of high school. He began to dabble with marijuana, then pills, and some alcohol. When that wasn't enough he was introduced to meth and heroin. He had maybe 7 overdoses, went missing, lost friendships and ties with family. He began living on the streets, covered in scabs, lost weight, and began stealing to keep it all going.

After years of searching I found the Not One More project by luck and got resources to help him BUT it had to be his choice. He hit rock bottom and agreed to help.He was done! Update he is clean and sober a year now living in sober living, got a job,bought his first car, goes to meetings, works out and has a sponsor. This has not been easy and it will always be a struggle but
​it is possible.

This video was put together by our founder, Kimberly Chilcott as touching tribute to the many souls we have lost to addiction. Please join us in our attempts to educate, assist and eliminate this deadly and unnecessary epidemic. 

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I have two children aged 23 and 16.  From watching friends and family members suffer from the disease of addiction and witnessing firsthand the devastation caused by their disease, I became involved with this organization.  It is our mission to be a means of education, support, and hope to those in need.  



Steve started his law enforcement career as a Spokane Police reserve officer in 1989. In 1992, he was hired by Seattle PD as a full-time sworn officer and has been with Seattle PD for over 23 years.He is the founder
​of Code 4 Northwest - an RCW protected free crisis line/referral service for all northwest first responders,
​EMS, corrections, nurses, family members, and civilian support staff. 

Steve has presented at many 1st responder conferences,
​to various family groups, as well as police and fire departments around the region - offering his unique perspective on surviving the job, surviving personal crisis, and surviving family crisis. This perspective is based on his personal journey through the disease of alcoholism and the chaos it causes, as well as his experience helping individuals and families deal with their own personal crisis such as addiction, finances, PTSD, stress and more.  

I have been married for 28 years and have two children aged 24 and 27. I am the Vice President of the Seattle Chapter of Not One More.  I became involved with the organization to share the story of my family’s eight year journey through drug addiction, treatment, and recovery.  My son became addicted to pain medications after injuries he sustained as a motor cross rider. My mission is to educate and support parents who may be experiencing the same struggles.  We know that this can happen to any family and want to offer resources and support in an environment free from judgement and shame.  I want to let families know that there is hope; we will never give up on our children, and that a brighter future is possible.  



Lisa dove- secretary

My background is simple, I retired from the Air Force, became a high school math teacher and then a high school administrator, with two healthy and active kids. There are no words to describe how our lives changed when we learned first-hand about OxyContin. This of course lead to the use of heroin and he has been battling his addiction for over 7 years. When trying to learn more about addiction and looking for some type of support in the northwest, I came across the web site for Not One More. Finally, a resource in the local area that looked like an excellent source to gain information, learn about resources and to help promote change in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I became a part of the group to be able to visit schools and speak with students and staff. I wanted to educate them on how nasty this drug is and to share with them our stories so they can see how it can impact anyone, anywhere, at any time. No one has immunity. Through these conversations, I want students to start speaking with their friends and families about the drug and its impact on our local areas and how many people are dying needlessly every day. This was in hope of saving at least one person. None of us know which one of us is an addict. It is just lying inside our brains until you take that first step and awaken that monster of addiction. I want those young people in our high schools to be the real catalyst of change in our communities. They are the true “change agents” and can make the biggest difference in battling addiction by getting someone from not taking that first deadly step. My goal is to make a small difference any way that I can in battling addiction. I hate this drug!


steve redmond - educator

I lost my son Thaddeus to a heroin overdose in November 2013. After he passed I found Not One More, Simi Valley Chapter in California and learned that Seattle didn’t have a chapter. With the help of family and friends I started the Not One More Seattle Chapter in May 2014. Being a part of Not One More has helped me through this difficult journey and I am grateful for the opportunity to help other families and those struggling with addiction. 


the faces of those we've lost to addiction

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