​​​​​Not One More overdose.
Not One More
 lost spirit.

​​​​​Not One More
 grieving heart

Washington Recovery Alliance  can help you connect with local recovery coalitions all over Washington.


If you are interested in joining our chapter, you can contact us through messenger in our Facebook page or by email.

If you are interested in forming a chapter of Not One More, visit  www.notonemore.net, and request an information packet 


Our purpose is to educate our families and the communities  about the hazards  of heroin and other drug substance abuse.

​NEW SWAG - End the Stigma

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Pierce County Recovery Coalition is a new coalition that is looking to grow and be an active member in the Recovery movement and education in Pierce County. Join them and help to end the stigma.

Donations are used to help NOM, Seattle educate/raise awareness among the community as well as to assist with living expenses for those in sober-living facilities.

Serving Seattle, Tacoma, King and Pierce County

Please like and follow our Facebook page for informative articles, helpful resources and a community of like-minded individuals who want to put an end to this epidemic. 

Get involved in your community​

Need a ride to detox, Department of Social and Health Services, or to an assessment appointment? Regardless of whether you need to be picked up at your home or the train or bus station, we're here for you.

Call us at (206)261-2152 - We are here to help.

We know that drug addiction can be an extremely frustrating problem. We also believe that no one else should know that a person is going to rehab unless he or she chooses to tell them. That is why we are very respectful of your privacy.

Wilson High School, Tacoma WA

Not One More Club

School District video and recognition